We believe in fierce authenticity. Storytelling is where we want to live. We bleed creativity. We believe in kindness! That doesn’t always mean being nice. “YES AND” is our vibe. We want to kick doors down. We want to iterate fast. We believe in honesty, and hard work. Our work-life balance is just work. We believe the tide raises all boats and your success is ours as well.

Who Are We?

We are Emmy award-winning creatives dedicated to catapulting your creative endeavors beyond the mundane. With an unwavering focus on both viewers and customers, we relentlessly pursue fresh perspectives and strive for transcendence in every project.

Our passion lies in transforming complex ideas into elegantly simple executions.Whether it's obsessing over lens choices during pre-production or fine-tuning the perfect amount of grain in post-production, we are meticulous about the details.

We thrive on uncovering the fundamental elements of our clients' creative visions and tirelessly working towards realizing them.


Benjamin J. Strickland

Ben Strickland is an award winning film director and motion graphics designer who founded Brain Box in 2011. Ben's portfolio of work includes narrative short films, animated explainer videos, and live concert series.

Ben has a passion for filmmaking and design, and brings enthusiasm and a deep commitment to quality to every project.

What we are best at

Our Services

Understanding your audience is our primary focus. Utilizing a data-driven approach to identify who, what, where, and most importantly, why, provides a solid foundation for strategic creative execution.
Narrative Storytelling
At our core, we are storytellers. Whether it's crafting short films, developing television pilots, or producing sketch comedy shows, storytelling is what we excel at. Have a script ready? Let's bring it to life together!
Corporate Image
Whether your brand revolves around people or products, we've got you covered. From creating stunning 3D production renders to employing cutting-edge techniques like motion-controlled robots in our shoots, we know how to capture the essence of your brand.
We possess the post-production expertise to streamline campaigns spanning all types of content.
2D, 3D, cell animation—you name it, we've mastered it. We're best at building tailored projects of all scales and styles.