BrainBox provides a wide gamut of creative services for brands and agencies.


Understanding your audience is our primary focus. Utilizing a data-driven approach to identify who, what, where, and most importantly, why, provides a solid foundation for strategic creative execution.

Narrative Storytelling

At our core, we are storytellers. Whether it's crafting short films, developing television pilots, or producing sketch comedy shows, storytelling is what we excel at. Have a script ready? Let's bring it to life together!

Corporate Image

Whether your brand revolves around people or products, we've got you covered. From creating stunning 3D production renders to employing cutting-edge techniques like motion-controlled robots in our shoots, we know how to capture the essence of your brand.


From small-scale initiatives to multifaceted campaigns, we possess the post-production facilities and industry expertise to streamline the process. Crafting a comprehensive campaign often entails creating assets ranging from short-form content to long-form narratives. Each distribution channel needs their various aspect ratios and compression requirements for platforms like IG, TikTok, and Instagram. We've established streamlined processes and standards to simplify the final conforming phase.


2D, 3D, cell animation—you name it, we've mastered it. With experience working with music icons, tech titans, top-tier entertainment companies, and global retailers, our team has the skills and expertise to execute projects of all scales and styles, tailored to your specific needs.