Animated Ads
When TMO wants to be in an 8 bit video game we were there to make it a reality. Working with designers over at Vossler, we came up with a unique and fun 8 bit style video game animation for the T-Mobile marketing team.
Client: HTC & T-Mobile
Creative Direction:
Principal Animator:
Benjamin J. Strickland (Brain Box)
This animation project started as an ad for HTC. The goal was to make a mock gameplay video of a phone that references old 8Bit, 2D arcade games like "Street Fighter." The main character is an HTC phone who beats up the bad guys and claims victory as "the Secret Cell."

Folks at T-Mobile saw the ad and wanted to produce something in the same style for their campaign, "the Un-Carrier." This version follows the player all the way from the Character Select screen to defeating the evil duopoly which represents T-Mobile's main competitors.

Both brands leveraged the charm of 8-bit gameplay into promotional videos to cultivate a cool, relatable image. By tapping into nostalgia, the videos seamlessly fused creativity with a retro aesthetic, providing a unique and engaging way for audiences to connect with the brand, creating a memorable and endearing experience.