AMAZON Multi-Channel Fulfillment
Animated Explainer Video
This video highlights Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)  that helps connect eCommerce vendors to Amazon Third- Party Logistics (3PL) distribution networks.  
Client: Amazon
Creative Direction:
Principle Animator:
Benjamin J. Strickland (Brain Box)
Through the eyes of Keith, this explainer video establishes a character who needs to conveniently manage eCommerce fulfillment and leverages Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

The video uses dynamic character animation and abstract transitions to create vignettes that demonstrate each step of the process. The tile design motif connote stacked parcels that underscore Amazon's excellence in logistics and robust distribution networks.

This project contains Amazon brand guidelines and design assets from Watts.


Animation PROCESS

Artwork and assets were brought in from Watts. Keith and other characters are given faces and components from the logistics process take their shape.

Characters and objects are placed into vignettes and given motion to describe an aspect of the Amazon MFC process. Boxes are stacked and characters and equipment are layered into the scene.

Each scene is stitched together with engaging transitions utilizing similar elements and Amazon style guidelines to create a seamless experience that feels connected and in the strong voice of the Amazon brand.


Taming complexity

Explainer videos can be come uniquely complex given the number of assets involved and how they must be animated together.

Extreme attention to detail and organization, and a deep knowledge of After Effects was required to complete this project in a way that maintains flexibility and ease of use.

Action Script

Creating the friendly and energizing motion elements within the video required the use of Action Script to define custom parameters for each object's motion.

Character Rigging

A single character can be surprisingly complex. These layers represent the components and motion of a single warehouse worker character in this video.

Parts of a whole

Each character's design and motion is not to be overlooked. They all contribute to the personality of the final animation.