Television Pilot - TRT - 34:00
Mundane days are common place until a spirited encounter between two 20 somethings invigorate their passion for life.
Directed by Benjamin J. Strickland
Broken Signals is a drama about two normal people who cross paths unexpectedly, rock each other’s worlds, and leave each other wondering about who they really are.

Producing this pilot required the collaboration of over 100 cast and crew working over six months in the city of Seattle, where production resources and support are relatively slim. It was a battle of determination, extreme organization and passion for the art of flimflamming that allowed us to pull it all together.



Adaptable Filmmaking


One of the most fun scenes to shoot was the Lime bike scene. It was at the end of a very long day. We didn't want to shoot another scene but we knew we needed to just do it. So we piled in a truck with Austin Glass hanging out the back with a MOVI and just ran up and down a bunch of streets near the water front in Seattle. Sometimes those last minute thrown together production decisions just work out. This time it defiantly did.


STory STructory

My goal was to portray a nuanced and authentic coming-of-age story. The film opens with our protagonist, immersed in the monotony of his food-truck routine, reflecting the mundanity of his life. When he encounters the girl who seemingly brings color into his world, the story takes a turn toward romance.

However, as their connection deepens, a twist emerges – the girl, rather than being a conventional source of salvation, becomes the catalyst for our chef's self-discovery. Through a series of flashbacks and introspective moments, we delve into his past, exploring how his relationships have shaped his identity.

The pilot concludes with our protagonist standing alone but empowered, having learned to define himself beyond the expectations and influences of others, bringing a poignant and relatable arc to the seemingly mundane lives of two individuals in the bustling backdrop of a big city.


In crafting the visual identity for this romance drama pilot set in Seattle, I aimed to capture whimsy, authenticity, and undeniable romance through the lens of captivating cinematography. Seattle, with its iconic skyline, misty waterfronts, and vibrant neighborhoods, became not just a backdrop but a character in itself.

To capture the essence of the city's unique charm, I envisioned warm, golden-hour shots that bathed the scenes in a soft, enchanting glow, emphasizing the intimacy of the unfolding love story.  We emphasized symmetry and diagonals to center the action and set the characters fixed within their mundane routines.

Through sweeping aerial shots and intimate close-ups, I aimed to create a visual symphony that mirrored the ebb and flow of emotions, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the romantic journey unfolding against the breathtaking backdrop of Seattle.


Benjamin J. Strickland

“Managing and directing over 100 people to make this project a reality was a dream come true for us.

Narrative is a passion, and one that is a treat to engage with when all the pieces come together. Seattle has an incredible film community that has this amazing balance of talent and low ego.

This is awesome because it creates a team like environment where everyone is pulling for the best shot, the best performance, and the best film. It's so much fun to be in that. I want to live in that every day.”