Music Video
This visually abstract dance performance was created as a for the song ’Not Be Told’ from Kaylee Elizabeth’s  album Playing With Fire (2021).
Directed by Benjamin J. Strickland (Brain Box)
Cinematographer: Austin Glass
Lighting Director: Derick Zanto
1st AC: Adam LaPine
Colorist: Maurice Morales
Choreographer: Hilary Grumman (Dance Undercurrent)
Dancers: Hilary Grumman, Emma Lawes, Molly Levy
Stylist: Elise Muetterties
Makeup: Jenna Hatcher
Additional Visual Development: May Xiong
The music video "Not Be Told" is meant to be an unraveling of the mind that complements the question behind the lyrics of the song: is it safe to let someone in?

The dancers are first concealed behind drapes that convey vague shapes but highly compelling tension. While the dances move as elusive shapes beneath the fabric, the viewers hears the singer describe "the void when [she] was left alone."

As the song reaches the bridge, the dancers emerge into the recesses of the drapes and perform a beautiful floor routine, writhing with anxiety and frustration as the singer wonders "is it you? Is it you? Is it you?"

The use of the single color, yellow, forces the viewer to focus on form and movement, begging the viewer to interpret their own meaning from the visuals.




One of the most fun scenes to shoot was the Lime bike scene. It was at the end of a very long day. We didn't want to shoot another scene but we knew we needed to just do it. So we piled in a truck with Austin Glass hanging out the back with a MOVI and just ran up and down a bunch of streets near the water front in Seattle. Sometimes those last minute thrown together production decisions just work out. This time it defiantly did.


ARtist Info

Kaylee Elizabeth

Kaylee Elizabeth, with a soft yet confident voice honed through studying traditional singing in Ireland and years of touring with the sibling duo The Native Sibling, embarked on a new musical journey after recording the duo's last album in 2019. She collaborated with producer Andy D. Park and musicians like Jessica Dobson and Sean Lane to produce her debut album "Playing With Fire." The album showcases her distinctive voice and delves into her exploration of finding her place in the world.