The Old Days
Music Video
Composed of three long takes that dissolve multiple scenes together, "The Old Days" music video depicts a section of the artist's life while living in a home looking through both sides of the front window.
Director, Editor: Benjamin J. Strickland
Producer: Kevin McCoy
DP: Austin Glass
1st AC: Brent J. Driscoll
Gaffer: Derek Zanto
Set Dresser: J. Oliver Stellfox
DIT: Maurice Moralas
The Old Days Music video tells a nostalgic story through slow, long shots focused on the front window of a house. The video follows the artist as he moves into the house, hosts parties, falls in love, has a child, and finally moves out.

Throughout the meditative verses and strong choruses, the artist paints a nostalgic picture of worry that maybe he doesn't recognize himself from all those years ago.

The video underscores the worry with sentimentalism, focusing on varied scenes over time that emphasize how quickly life goes by.

While the common fear that "the best days are already gone" looms at the end of the song, the video ends with a parallel shot to the beginning, hinting that maybe there's a journey yet to come.




One of the most fun scenes to shoot was the Lime bike scene. It was at the end of a very long day. We didn't want to shoot another scene but we knew we needed to just do it. So we piled in a truck with Austin Glass hanging out the back with a MOVI and just ran up and down a bunch of streets near the water front in Seattle. Sometimes those last minute thrown together production decisions just work out. This time it defiantly did.



For the third shot when Dan was playing guitar from multiple spots on the porch in the same frame, I had to layer 4 different takes of Dan on top of one another.

First, I animated a rough mask around Dan and any of Dan's reflection in the window as he moves around in each take.

Then I slapped in my background and made sure it was aligned with the visible elements of the isolated shots.

Finally, for the foreground shot where Dan its on the railing, I used Mocha Pro to rotoscope around the edge of his body and guitar so that the layer behind him blends into the scene.

Once everything is masked, and aligned, there was only one thing left to do: put it all together for the final shot! 

ARtist Info

Lonely Benson

Dan Young, who performs under the name Lonely Benson, wrote his thoughts on the project on his website,