Action Short Film
A young, imaginative girl finds that the love of her family is enough to overcome the greatest of dangers.
Directed by Benjamin J. Strickland
"Pew Pew" represents an exploration of the simple power of imagination in cinema, and challenges conventional notions of heroism by examining the interplay between fantasy and reality.

The film follows the journey of a young girl who is, at first, criticized for her childish imagination. The story takes an unexpected turn when the girl, initially seen as a whimsical dreamer, emerges as an unlikely savior when her mother becomes a target for hitmen.

In the context of my body of work, "Pew Pew" stands was another challenge in coordinating a massive set of people and resources in a very short  period of time (48 hours).




One of the most fun scenes to shoot was the Lime bike scene. It was at the end of a very long day. We didn't want to shoot another scene but we knew we needed to just do it. So we piled in a truck with Austin Glass hanging out the back with a MOVI and just ran up and down a bunch of streets near the water front in Seattle. Sometimes those last minute thrown together production decisions just work out. This time it defiantly did.