Animated Music Video
In the living fields of California, an internment camp sprouts and looms throughout wavy fields, and gives way to night, dancing to the tune of violin from Kishi Bashi's album "Omoiyari."
Creative Director: Julia McCoy (Tandem Media)
Principle Animator:
Mike McCoy (Tandem Media)
Wave Scene Animator: Benjamin J. Strickland (Brain Box)
Brain Box helped Tandem Media bring a 30 second sequence to life. From 2:32 - 3:02, the barracks, fences, and towers of a Japanese American internment camp are swept away in a wavy ocean of grass.

Julia and Mike McCoy of Tandem Media created the concept and animated the video for artist Kishi Bashi.




Wavy Hills Scene

Ben was able to support Tandem Media by creating these compelling shots where the fields, home to an internment camp for Japanese Americans during WWII, come to life and begin moving like waves. The fields become an ocean, and the barracks, towers, and fences become ships tossed about at stormy sea.

This sequence highlights layering in 3D space and animating layered items to create compelling motion.

Created By

Julia & Mike McCoy

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Tandem Media