Action Short Film
Sarah, a detective for the Yakima, WA Police Department, investigates strange abandoned cars turning up all over; little does she realize that the mystery is so much more than a few missing persons.
Directed by Benjamin J. Strickland
"Wrest" a high-octane action short film, follows Detective Sarah as she unravels a mysterious case involving abandoned cars in Yakima, WA.

The film, produced in a mere 48 hours for a 2015 contest with a dedicated team of approximately 50 people, showcases the adrenaline and creativity that arise under tight constraints.

The challenge of crafting a compelling narrative in such a short timeframe pushed me to focus on the most important and immersive parts of the story, emphasizing the protagonist's resourcefulness and determination. The urgency imposed by the timeline also heightens the film's tension.




One of the most fun scenes to shoot was the Lime bike scene. It was at the end of a very long day. We didn't want to shoot another scene but we knew we needed to just do it. So we piled in a truck with Austin Glass hanging out the back with a MOVI and just ran up and down a bunch of streets near the water front in Seattle. Sometimes those last minute thrown together production decisions just work out. This time it defiantly did.